Donation Request

Guida’s Dairy receives numerous requests for donations every year. Unfortunately, we must make difficult choices about where to concentrate our philanthropic efforts. With this in mind, we have developed a fairly simple guideline to help us select from the many requests we receive each year.

The organizations we will recognize as candidates for charitable giving are:

  • Colleges/universities/high schools & elementary schools
  • Amateur athletic teams, e.g. Little League
  • Fraternal, veterans or labor organizations
  • Named charities or foundations
  • Religious organizations
  • Current customer of Guida’s Dairy
  • Special events, e.g. fund-raisers, golf outings and dinners
Guida’s Dairy has an annual budget set aside for this purpose. In the past we have been known to exceed this budget substantially. Unfortunately, current economic instabilities force us to be a bit more selective when making our decision to give. In lieu of monetary donations Guida’s Dairy prefers to donate its own high quality products. Most often, milk, flavored milk(s), juice(s) and/or bottled water.

Please understand that we empathize with your group or individual needs, however it is not economically feasible for Guida’s Dairy to meet the needs of every donation request.

We appreciate your continued support and patronage of Guida’s Dairy products.

Request Your Donation