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The Benefits of Having Milk with Breakfast

Posted by Mark Zydanowicz on Thu, Apr 18, 2013 @ 08:00 AM

guidas product whole milk all sizes resized 600With busy work and school schedules, families are constantly finding themselves eating breakfast on the go (or skipping it altogether) because there simply isn’t enough time in the morning to sit down together and enjoy a meal. However, the benefits of eating breakfast are numerous. Currently the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) identifies the top four “nutrients of concern” of which America’s diets are lacking. Milk is the top source of three out of the four nutrients including calcium, vitamin D and potassium (the fourth nutrient of concern is fiber).

Milk Consumption

There are currently 2.7 billion gallons of milk consumed at breakfast at home. MilkPEP has created The Breakfast Project Campaign to encourage milk consumption as part of the breakfast at home routine. Whether it is a glass of milk, a bowl of cereal and milk, or milk in a delicious breakfast recipe, having milk at breakfast is a simple thing to do and beneficial for maintaining good health. The dairy industry continues to promote the importance of a healthy routine with milk at breakfast with The Breakfast Project.

Nearly one in five kids across our communities go without breakfast every day. Beginning proper milk drinking habits as a child can have lifelong benefits. Milk in the morning is a healthy habit that helps provide kids with nutrients they need for the day and benefits that extend well beyond the morning.

Daily Recommendations

Each glass of milk provides 8 grams of protein. Milk is also the top food source of bone-building calcium and Vitamin D in the American diet. It is the daily recommendation that toddlers ages 2-3 get two glasses of milk, children age 4-8 get 2.5 cups and 3 cups for adolescents, teens and adults.

Breakfast is the ideal opportunity to help your kids start the day right, and get the recommended amount of milk each day. It is also a great opportunity to have a glass of milk with your kids in the morning to maintain your healthy habits as well. With the many benefits of drinking the recommended amount of milk and the numerous of easy ways to consume milk it is a no-brainer to incorporate it into a daily breakfast diet.

Key Takeaways

  • Starting the day with milk provides the necessary daily nutrients for recommended healthy diets
  • There are several different ways to incorporate milk into your breakfast diet
  • Milk contains 3 of the 4 DGA “nutrients of concern”

Learn More

We encourage you and your children to get the proper amount of daily milk intake. Be sure to check out our Guida's Dairy Facebook page and website recipes page for delicious breakfast ideas!

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