Guida's: No artificial growth hormones

Our Farmers' Pledge:

No Artificial Growth Hormones

Guida's Dairy pledges, along with our farmer partners, that all Guida's Dairy fluid milk products come from cows that do not receive artificial growth hormones.

Guida's Dairy Cows

To accommodate the growing needs and concerns of our customers and consumers we have decided to only process milk from farms that do not use artificial growth hormones on their cows.

Most of Guida's Dairy Milk labels include a "No Artificial Growth Hormones " statement in association with the existing "All Natural" claim logo. Please rest assured that if our product does not have the "No Artificial Growth Hormones" logo it still contains milk or fresh cream with no added growth hormones.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is rBST

A: rBST or rBGH is the synthetic version of the naturally occurring bovine growth hormone in milk. The synthetic version is given to cows so that they convert more of their feed into milk.

Q: Is rBST free milk different from milk that contains rBST?

A: Guida's Dairy is offering "No Added Growth Hormones" milk and fresh cream to its customers and consumers even though the FDA has concluded that there is no significant difference between the milk received from cows treated with (rBST) and those that are untreated.

Q: Does Guida's Dairy milk contain antibiotics?

A: Every tanker load of raw milk received by Guida's Dairy is screened for the presence of antibiotics before unloading. The milk from one antibiotic positive cow is enough to trigger a detectable positive test result and cause the load of raw milk to be discarded.

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