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At Guida’s Dairy, our number 1 concern is assuring our consumers receive only the best products, straight from our farms to your table. Every customer is a part of our close, but growing Guida's Dairy family. Supercow loves to support all sorts of special occasions, and hopes that all of our consumers continue to engage with our products and online content.

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Cinnamon Swirl Yogurt French Toast


Q: What is rBST

A: rBST or rBGH is the synthetic version of the naturally occurring bovine growth hormone in milk. The synthetic version is given to cows so that they convert more of their feed into milk.

Q: Is rBST free milk different from milk that contains rBST?

A: Guida's is offering "No Added Growth Hormones" milk and fresh cream to its customers and consumers even though the FDA has concluded that there is no significant difference between the milk received from cows treated with (rBST) and those that are untreated.

Q: Does Guida's milk contains antibiotics?

A: Every tanker load of raw milk received by Guida's is screened for the presence of antibiotics before unloading. The milk from one antibiotic positive cow is enough to trigger a detectable positive test result and cause the load of raw milk to be discarded.

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Our newest game has arrived!! SUPERCOW SUPERCHOMP is based on the Arcade classic PacMan by Namco.

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Guidas Coloring Book!

Guida's is happy to release the coloring book in electronic format for all of those who may not get a chance to visit Guida's or SUPERCOW in person.

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