Guida's Dairy Products

To our loyal customers:

"Thank you for supporting Guida's Dairy, New England's "farm to table" company. Our farmer-owners supply us with the freshest local dairy products in the industry. We take great pride in offering all natural, healthy, and nutritious options for you and your family. We are committed to nourishing you with our highest quality and great tasting quality products. Thank you, once again, for your continued patronage. Enjoy!"

All the best,

Michael P. Young, President, Guida's Dairy

Guida’s Dairy Milk

All natural, no growth hormones and an excellent source of calcium.

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Guida’s Dairy Creamers

Farm Fresh and Pasturized.

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Orange Juice

100% Pure Squeezed Orange Juice.

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From fruit juice to water, we'll help you quench your thirst.

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Farm fresh and great tasting.

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Only around during the holidays, delicious addition to the holidays.

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